Customer Service Numbers

How to call FPL: use this toll free number to get help with your account, or speak to someone in support about service outages, pay bill by phone etc. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Customer Support

Call 1-800-226-3545

  • Florida Power & Light
  • To get started, what kind of account are you calling about?
  • Residential or business?
    • Residential
    • OK, which of these can I help you with?
    • Make a payment
      • How would you like to pay?
      • Bank account
      • Credit or debit
      • Find an in person pay location
      • Other ways to pay
      • Or return to the main menu
    • Balance and billing
      • Sure, which of these do you need?
      • Get my account balance?
      • Request a payment extension
      • Disconnected for non payment
      • Get my account number
      • Or more options?
        • More options
        • Unexpected bill amount
        • Get a copy of my bill
        • budget billing
        • Projected bill amount
        • Payments
        • You can also say its none of those, or main menu
    • Power problem
      • Report an outage
        • Say or enter the phone number on your FPL account or your social security number. Or say, I dont have it.
      • Get outage update
      • Downed wire
      • Street light out
      • Dim or flickering lights
      • Disconnected for non payment
      • Or say its something else
    • Start, stop, or move service
      • Sure
      • First, are you calling about an existing request?
      • Which of these are you calling about?
      • Transfer existing FPL service
        • To transfer service, you will need the following information:
        • The account number for the address that you are leaving
        • The new service address
        • Or if you need a moment to find it, say hold on
      • Get new or additional service
      • Or permanently close my account
    • Or calling for something else?
    • Or say repeat that


Call 1-800-468-8243 (1-800-4OUTAGE)

  • Thank you for calling FPL power outage service;
  • residential customers press 1,
    • to report a power outage or receive the status of an existing outage press 1
      • One moment please help us access your account by selecting one of the following to enter your area code and telephone number press 1,
      • to enter your account number press 2,
      • to enter your social security number press 3.
    • to report a downed wire press 2
    • to report a street light that is out or not working properly press 3
    • for low voltage dim lights or any other power problem press 4
    • to repeat this options press the star key
    • to return to the previous menu press the pound key.
  • business customers press 2,



Local Residential Customer Care Centers

  • Boca/Delray 561-994-8227
  • Bradenton 941-917-0708
  • Broward 954-797-5000
  • Cocoa 321-723-7795
  • Daytona 386-252-1541
  • Ft. Myers 239-334-7754
  • Ft. Pierce 772-462-0555
  • Jupiter 561-697-8000
  • Miami-Dade 305-442-8770
  • Melbourne 321-723-7795
  • Naples 239-262-1322
  • Punta Gorda 941-639-1106
  • Sarasota 941-917-0708
  • Stuart 772-287-5400
  • West Palm 561-697-8000
  • Other Areas 800-226-3545


Local Business Customer Care Center

  • Broward 954-581-5668
  • Miami-Dade 305-442-0388
  • West Palm 561-478-6399
  • All Other Areas 800-375-243

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