Customer Service Phone Numbers

How to use this page: call the number below, and you will get the following options. This is a transcript of the phone menu. Uee it to get the help you need, or speak to a real person.

Rite Aid Customer Support

Use this number to reach a customer service rep for prescription status, pharmacist questions etc.

Call 1-800-748-3243 (1-800-RITE AID )
Hours: Monday-Friday 8am to 8pm EST; Saturday: 9:30am – 6:00pm EST; Sunday – Closed

  • Thank you for calling Rite Aide.
  • To locate a store, press 1.
    • To search by location, press 1.
    • To search by services offered, press 2.
    • To search by last store visited, press 3.
  • For Rite Aides response to COVID-19 and Coronavirus, press 2.
    • To hear Rite Aide’s response to COVID-19 pandemic, press 1.
    • For more information on the remote COVID testing site in Philadelphia, press 2.
  • For questions regarding the Wellness and Loyalty Program, press 3.
    • To check your balance on your Wellness and Loyalty account, press 1.
      • Enter phone number attached to this account.
    • No, press 2.
  • For questions regarding our online services, press 4.
  • To speak to a customer service representative, press 5.
  • For all other matters, press 6.
    • To check your Rite Aide Gift Card balance, press 1.
    • To speak to a healthcare professional, press 2.
    • To speak to a customer service representative, press 3.(real person)
    • To return to the main menu, press 4.
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