Customer Service Numbers

How to contact PSEG NJ: use the toll free number below to speak with a representative about service help, outages, bill pay or account questions. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Customer Support

1-800-436-7734 (1-800-436-PSEG) (24/7)

  • Thank you for calling PSEG New Jersey.
  • If you have an emergency, please stay on the line.
  • Para la prensa española una.
  • What would you like help with today?
  • Say’ Give me options’ to get to Main Menu.
    • For Gas leak, power failure, or life-threatening emergency, say ‘Emergency’ or press 1.
    • For Billing and Payments, say ‘Billing’ or press 2.
    • For account information or get a copy of your bill, say ‘Account’ or press 3.
    • To make a payment with a check or credit card, say ‘Make a Payment’, or press 4.
    • For repairs or Replacements, say ‘Repairs’ or press 5.
    • To turn off or transfer, say ‘Transfer’ or press 6.
    • For gas meter replacement, say ‘Replacements’ or press 7.
    • Or if it’s something else, say ‘Something else’ or press 8.
    • For appliance protection plan, press 1.
    • To report a street light repair, press 2.
    • To report a meter reading, press 3.
    • For next meter reading date, press 4.
    • To request a billing history statement, press 5.
    • For my alerts, press 6.
    • For previous menu, press 7.


Heating Problems

1-800-436-7734 (1-800-436-PSEG) (24/7)

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