Home Depot

How to call Home Depot: use the toll free number below to contact customer service. Speak to a live person for help with orders and product questions. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Customer Service

Monday to Friday: 8AM – 8PM; Saturday: 9AM – 6PM; Sunday: 12PM – 6PM

  • Thank you for calling the Home Depot. Your call maybe recorded. Our main menu options have changed [foreign language]. Please select from the following options
  • for information about a new or existing inspiration project press or say 1.
  • For online order information or for questions about or website products or any other homedepot.com related concerns press or say 2
  • for the location of the store nearest to you press or say 3
  • for major appliance inquiries press or say 4.
  • For Home Depot protection plan or carpet maintenance plans press or say 5
  • for Home Depot credit card customer service press or say 6.
  • For customer care press or say 7
    • If you are calling about an issue related to your Home Depot installation or special order experience press 1
      • Its great day here at the Home Depot this is XXXXX, how may I assist you today? (real person)
    • to report an issue or praise regarding a store experience press 2
    • for all other inquiries press 3.
    • This call maybe monitored or recorded for quality assurance.
  • for career opportunities with the Home Depot please visit us online at www.homedepot.com
  • to repeat press or say 9.


1-800-430-3376 (24/7)

  • Thank you for calling homedepot.com online customer support. This call maybe recorded or monitored for quality purposes.
  • If you are calling about a major appliance such as a refrigerator or washing machine press 1
  • for all other online orders or questions about online products or availability press 2
    • If you are calling to place an order press 1
    • if you are calling about an order you have already placed press 2
      • All of our representatives are currently assisting other customers. Please hold and your call will be answered and the order was received.
    • for self service options and answers to frequently asked questions please press 3.
    • To help improve your experience we invite you to participate in a brief one minute survey following the call. If you would like to take the survey please remain on the line when you are finished speaking with a representative.
  • for questions about your local HomeDepot store press 3
  • for questions about your HomeDepot credit card account press 4.

Other Numbers

Consumer Credit Card Accounts USA: 1-866-875-5488

Consumer Credit Card Accounts Canada: 1-800-747-3787

Business Credit Card Accounts USA: 1-866-875-5490

Business Credit Card Accounts Canada: 1-888-308-5080

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