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There are 3 total ways to get in touch with blockchain. The next best way is to talk to their customer support. You can contact Blockchain across the following mediums: Web, Phone, Email.

The Blockchain Web Help Center has answers to most questions. Blockchain is happy to lend a hand, but response times may take longer than normal.

To Arrange a Call Back from Blockchain, please Request a callback to get any Assistance.


Complete a request for email support here. For the fastest resolution, please:

  1. Describe your issue in detail, so we can get you the right targetted help.
  2. Use the correct details.
  3. Provide as much detail as possible regarding your issue.

Please do not submit multiple tickets for the same issue—we will get to your ticket as quickly as possible.

If you would like to reach an agent for help, please submit an email request.

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Vasanth Varadhan


I see a transaction that my BTC has been transferred from my Private Key Wallet. But i did not authorize this transaction. Can you help understand how to validate this ? Thanks

Rose Lyn Angeles

A deposit of 250USD equivalent to 0.0050BTC should be made for your wallet activation to receive all funds on your wallet. But sad to say I only send them 246.1 USD. Is this legit?


can I withdraw watch address

Richard segers


I send btc from my trading wallet to my private wallet and i haven’t received it yet in my private wallet … is been over 24hrs now and I’m so confused and Curious…… help please

Chris Berlinguette

I am trying to get Bitcoin from mined address to my wallet is this possible

Jacqueline Smith

I need assistance to reactivate my wallet

Sanjay Kumar Bedia

I have non spendable btc can converted into spendable


My Terra station wallet is read only mode how can I fix it and I have Terra address from my kucoin exchange showing balance on my address on Terra station but saying wallet is connected read only mode

Roger John Neumann

Good day! I made a loan via Bitcoin crypto wallet. I did not have a crypto wallet account, so I created account.
My question is, to activate the account what is the minimum to deposit into a crypto wallet account?

Eric Broughman

I had a transaction that says it is confirmed but the funds are not in my wallet. 18YUtphDhN4J46ear9ctxNV6iwtJijW1xt
This is where it went, I think.


I received a a bitcoin from my friend and it not been put to my wallet telling to invest before adding to my wallet


It is difficult for me to link my Blockchain wallet to my bank card, can you please help me link it

Michael Meyer


at the 8th of September a transaction (sending) of my BTC was executed without my authorisation.

receiving address bc1q6k24me45c4p3tpq0r9rdpgaztvvqf6xgwt5umu

what can I do to get my funds returned?


This happens quite often with – Their SMS doesn’t work and they try to blame your network. Strange thing is now they are not even recognizing my wallet ID when I enter it. Says “invalid ID”. Makes me wonder if they are starting to crumble like all the other crypto companies.