How to call Apple: use the toll free numbers below to contact customer service. Get help technical support. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Apple Sales & Product Inquiries

Call 1-800-MY-APPLE   1(888)-694-6982

Apple Customer Service : 1(888)-694-6982


U.S. iPod, Mac and iPad technical support

(800) APL-CARE 1(800)-478-9584

  • Thank you for calling Apple Care, what Apple products are you calling about?
  • Sorry, say the name of the Apple product you’re calling about like iPhone 5 or Macbook Pro.

U.S. iPhone technical support

(800) MY-IPHONE  1(800)-478-9584

Other Numbers

United States Apple Store: (Consumer and Education Individuals) (800) MY-APPLE (800-692-7753)

Apple Store: (Education Institutions) (800) 800-2775

Apple Store (Small Business): (800) 854-3680

Reseller Referral: (Resellers, Trainers, Consultants) (800) 538-9696

Canada Apple Store: (Consumer and Education Individuals): (800) MY-APPLE (800-692-7753)

Apple Financial Services: (800) 854-3680

Canada Technical Support English: 1-800-263-3394

Canada Technical Support French: 1-800-263-3394

Apple Rebates: 1-877-4-APL-PROMO (1-877-427-5776)

Education Customers: 1-800-800-2775 (support), 1-800-780-5009 (sales)

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Fakir fatima ezzahra

I bought an Iphone 11 in January and I forgot Idcloud identifier, I tried to recover it with email address but without success. However, I remember the word word very well.
Is there a way to get it back please?

Hameed khalaIf

I forgot my apple id and I don’t have access to the email. The phone is for my son 9 yrs old. Please help me.
I can provide the sim card and id card or anything else you request


Christabel chisom

please I bought a new iPhone and lost my old phone number that I use for my apple account and I have a new phone number now. So I tried to login to iCloud in my new iPhone. I remember my Apple ID and password but they say they sent a verification code to my old phone number but I don’t have access to me and it’s really bothering me now because I need to use it urgently to download apps on AppStore. Please I need help now!

Dana sanchez

I have no access to my iCloud account and I forgot my 6 digit code

sandeep parmar

phone ko water proof bolke pura pesa liya halka sa barish me gila hua or pichle 8din se charging ka problem aa raha h sab kuch try kr liya me court me case krunga ab


I forget my iCloud password


Please my in-law gave me iPhone XR and he forgot his iCloud password and the iPhone is locked now.
how can i unlock it.