How to call Amazon: use the toll free number below to contact customer service for help with returns, orders, and account questions. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.


Amazon Customer Service (Toll Free) : 1-800-506-9421

  • Thank you for calling Amazon. This call could be recorded for quality assurance. Tell me briefly why you are calling.
  • You can say things like:
  • “I dont have my package”
    • Just a moment, an associate will join you shortly [real person]
  • “my kindle ebook purchase”
    • if you are calling about the latest Kindle software update including information about profiles, passwords and the Washington Post please visit our help pages for more information at
    • intermittent issues with you Kindle Fire, like a frozen screen or trouble downloading content, can be resolved by restarting you Kindle
    • to restart yiur Kindle Fire, press and hold the power button for a full 40 seconds, release it, and then press the power button again
    • to restart another kind of Kindle, slide and hold the power button for a full 40 seconds and then release
    • video demonstrations of this process can be viewed found online at
    • if you wish you can hang up the phone and try to restart your kindle, otherwise please stay on the line to speak to customer service [real person]
  • “my amazon video”
    • thank you for contacting Amazon customer service, my name is XXXXX, how may I help you today? [real person]
  • “problem with my order”

To Get A Call Back from Amazon please Fill this Form With Your Detailed Issue.

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Shaik Noor Ahmed

My friend is gifting me a product in Amazon I have order id how can i track the status


I would like to change my phone number. I can’t access my account with the old number

Rodrigo Garcin

I can’t access my account without my old phone number !


I want to make an account without being forced to put in a phone number.

Julie McLain

Someone ordered things for themselves on my Amazon account without my knowledge

Lacie Enlow

The exact same thing happened to me, EXCEPT IT WAS FOUR FUCKING PAGES, and I’m left with 40 CENTS IN MY ACCOUNT!!!


My account was put on hold temporarily, and it won’t let me back in even when I sign into my account. It says “sorry, try again” etc. I have packages coming and I really have no idea what to do anymore.

Mohd saif

Hey Team

I have requested for pickup one of my order but pickup is not completed yet.
I am not getting proper resultion from cce
Please help me
Order ID 407-0960070-8181940

Jack Brandenburg

It all started when I had a friend. That was going to pay for my daughter’s backpack. For school, they took $9.52 out of my Amazon gift card balance and the rest of my friend’s debit card. Then 4 days later when I add more Money to my Amazon account. I noticed a charge of $10 and some change. I called and asked what this was for a told me that it was for the backpack that was ordered on the 11th.
I told them they already took off the money.
I told them they already took off the money They Could not give me a straight answer. But it was taken out for the bacexactly. I said that I only had $9.52 and there. And a debit card paid the rest. But yet they charged $10 in something to my Amazon account. Wait it 4 days until I put more money in there. And then check out the additional dollar. Something to make it $10. They put the wrong amount when the order was made for the back pack. For my daughter, they said I had more than what I had in my Amazon account on the 11th of the month so they wait until I put more money in. And it took the different, so when you buy something, you use all the money. That is in your gift card balance and the debit card pays the rest. Why did they wait 4 days to take out the additional dollars Because they put the wrong amount when the item was ordered. They said I had more in my Amazon account than I originally had. When you make a order, they empty your Amazon account. And the debit card pays the rest. They lied am Messed up and said I had more on the 11th in my account than I have so they wait it until I had more money in my account and then made up the difference. So my daughter did not receive the backpack in time for school. Now she has no backpack for school. It’s not my fault that they messed up and put the wrong amount. They could have took and everything that was old. From the debit card when, the order was made. So that delayed So that delayed So that delayed So that delayed The order until after school started. And the date was wrong? I said I would receive it in 2 days instead. Instead, it changed it Four 2 weeks. I would have not received the backpack In time due to their mess up. And when I called and explain myself to supervisors and a manager. They said that they would give me a $20 compensation to my account.
Then they kept switching me from person to person. Until finally, they said they are not gonna get me nothing. Then they got very rude with me. And act as if they did not do nothing wrong. If you look at the order from you will see they’ll Messed up I think I will deserve some Composition
For the headache they put me through.
My daughter has no backpack to go to school now. And it is all Amazon’s fault.

Micky Kay Jagasar

I was lock on my Amazon account for no reason and I have call them to fix my account and I’ve got no help from them and I have a 120 Amazon gift card that is lock on my husband account which his Amazon account is also locked


I have 1300$ and theybdid the same and basically just robbed me and I get no where all day when I call every day


Someone changed my Amazon mail and password

Yasir Sajjad

My amazon associates account are blocked temporarily how can I open can you help me

Princy Kunjumon

Hello iam Princy
I lost my phone number.i can’t log in my account. I couldn’t have two step verification

Nezam Ansari

Kindly send your Amazon account number to pay my dues.


I can have an acces to my account amazone because it cant have acces to my phone

Renee tripp

I logged in to an account using my phone number. I added a new address and my card before I saw I didn’t recognize the email but it had My name. I also didn’t recognize the old address. I tried to log back in but after sending a code to my phone it tries to send a code to the email that isn’t MI ne. Did I put my card on someone else’s account who used my name and number?

Mohcine ma

I have a problem with access to my account. I receive this message despite everything is OK.
We have detected unusual activity on your account and have locked it temporarily. Please contact customer service for further assistance.
What can I do ? any adress mail to contact for this ?


Hello Amazon Team, I wish to recover my password, but the linked phone number no longer exists, therefore all the OTP / recover messages sent to that number I won’t get it

Bobby Ray mcbroom

How long till my package Get here it a the new WWE 2K 24 video game

Alexander Durant

Need help Deleting my account